April 27, 2021
April's Ethical Fashion Finds

At reFIND, we seek sustainable brands that are making waves, creating change and do it all with a passion-fueled heart. We love brands that have the courage to create solutions and portray their OWN courage and try new approaches to create their garments. This list is only a tiny fraction of the incredible sustainable brands that exist in the fashion industry for you to support. We hope you love them as much as we do!

When it comes to sustainable fashion the terminology can make it intimidating and be confusing. Finding brands you love and can feel good about supporting shouldn't require you to turn into a detective, but the reality is many brands can use language that is misleading, paint a perfectly green picture or try to reel you in by making false claims. We understand the journey of finding these brands, which is why we've made reFIND your go-to spot for finding brands that align with our values and yours!

At reFIND we continue learn just as you all are and believe Slow Fashion is a persistent journey of making mindful choices that are good for the planet, people and you.

Slow fashion is having an intentional mindset when it comes to your consumer habits and choosing to shop more sustainably truly makes a difference.

Let’s begin by understanding why we shouldn’t shop Fast Fashion:

It encourages wasteful consumption.

Fast fashion generates product excessively and encourages consumers to spend impulsively to stay up to “trend”.

In other words, “careless production and endless consumption.”

Did you know that, “the average person buys 60 percent more items of clothing and keeps them for about half as long as 15 years ago.”

This goes to show that we have changed the way we perceive and value our garments and that production systems must change and be held accountable as well.

The negative environmental impact can be traced through the entirety of the production cycle.

Fast Fashion is responsible for being the second largest consumer of water,

“requiring about 700 gallons to produce one cotton shirt and 2,000 gallons of water to produce a pair of jeans.”

The Labor Impact associated with Fast Fashion is correlated with the need to create product quickly with offshore manufactures.

“The companies rely on a cheap labor force, often times in areas where workers have low wages, limited rights and improper working conditions.”

It’s important to shop Sustainable Fashion because it creates a circular unity of creating, portraying personal character and values, and bringing community to brands with a mission to do good in the world.

We can start by shopping brands that value sustainability. Here’s a just a few of our top April favorites!  

The Waight

About the Brand:

"We are part of a Slow Fashion movement that believes you don’t have to choose between honoring our planet and having great style. Our pre-order business model and small batch production reduce waste. Our supply chain is 100% U.S. based from start to finish — domestic farms, domestic mills, and domestic production. All materials are natural, organic, and, above all, comfortable to wear."

Why We LOVE the Brand:

We love The Waight's commitment to the slow fashion movement and truly embodying it in everything they create. Their motto is, "good things are worth waiting for, " and I've never agreed more! In addition to their dedication to such a powerful movement, they also have a DYE LAB, that allows anyone to create their own custom hand-dyed sweatshirt or sweatpant! Such a unique offering and something you can be a part of. Be sure to check it out!



About the Brand:

"Vaed by Veronica Arroyo is a Sustainable, Slow Fashion Brand with a Zero Waste mission based in Puerto Rico. Each piece is designed and made to order by Veronica Herself.
Our goal is to bring awareness on the impact the fashion industry has on the environment and give back to communities around the world, all while creating quality clothing made to last that make you and the planet a better place."

Why We LOVE the Brand:

One of the things we love most about VAED is the maker behind the brand. Veronica is incredibly talented and her passion for sustainability and fashion merge together so effortlessly, creating pieces that you can't find anywhere else! Her style and eye for creating pieces other people love just as much as she does makes it easy to make the good choice, shop sustainably and support the maker behind the brand. Like she says, "There is no mystery of where or how your clothes were made, helping us put an end to fast fashion!" Be sure to check out her gorgeous pieces!


Past Life the Collective

About the Brand:

low-waste. small-batch. slow fashion.
Where we put our energy—and our dollar—matters. Crafting timeless staples from solely eco-friendly fibers, we manufacture locally, ethically, and sustainably because we envision a world where that's a given. And it starts with us.

Why We LOVE the Brand:

We love how incredibly transparent Past Life the Collective is with every single step of their production process. They educate you on exactly what you are purchasing and take into consideration the small details to help people understand the value. We absolutely love the light they shine with their brand, their mission to disrupt the Fast Fashion Industry and their gorgeous pieces! Be sure to check them out!


All for Ramon

About the Brand:

Founded in Los Angeles by two Latina sisters on a mission to create modern effortless essentials to wear on repeat. Witnessing first hand the amount of waste fashion creates, we felt compelled to make a change. AFR is absolutely committed to elevating the standard one unique garment at a time. We do this through our eco-minded craftsmanship, ethical manufacturing, conservation of natural resources, and employee wellness. Designed for those of us who are bold, conscientious, unapologetic, and ready to live with purpose. We see a future where high end fashion doesn’t come at the cost of our Mother Earth.

Why We LOVE the Brand:

I'm genuinely inspired by All For Ramon because they are a brand that has such immense passion for what they do and have such an incredible story and mission. In addition, they bring awareness and educate on garment workers rights in order to create change in the fashion industry! By using their voice for the voiceless they are truly making an impact in the lives of others and the planet. Stay on the lookout for their new denim!




About the Brand:

LOTI reaches new creative heights by reusing materials that would otherwise fill landfills and giving them a much deserved second life. We are an Upcycling Design Studio that creates effortless, elegant and easy to wear pieces. We strive to aesthetically, socially, and environmentally make our entire community feel and look amazing -- including our lovely planet. We will continue to prioritize diversity and inclusion and align ourselves with others who share our inclusive eco-conscious ambitions. We are far from perfect, but promise to always try our best.

Why We LOVE the Brand:

We love how transparent Loti is by working so closely with seamstresses and screen printers to create small batch productions! They are truly paving a way in the sustainable fashion industry and showing how less can be so much more for people and planet!


At reFIND we want to amplify brands that align with our values and share them with you! We want to make making the good choice as easy as possible for you when you shop. We are working hard to create the most efficient and value-driven shopping experience for you all, so that we can continue to discover and empower these incredible brands making seriously good impact in the Fashion Industry!

We hope you love these sustainable fashion brands as much as we do and learn how they are making waves in the world.

With Love

The reFIND Team

Be sure to follow us along on Instagram to learn more about us!

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