Why Partner with reFIND?

Partnering with reFIND is a collaborative opportunity that utilizes innovative technology to understand and solve the challenges of the online fashion retail industry.

While the world shifts into a new era of systems and processes, our goal at reFIND is understanding the importance of community and what that means for shoppers alike. We aim to create a community of brands that we believe align with our values of innovation, inclusivity, and sustainability. Sharing this goal in creating a world that shops with intention threads the fabric of our community.

At reFIND our mission is to provide a detailed collection of customer insight, which enhances the virtual shopping experience in a more curated and personalized approach. Partnering with our mobile shopping app will allow access to an exclusive understanding of cognitive data, enhancing the consumer’s shopping experience while providing the retailer a more proficient understanding of the shopper’s habits. This incisive strategy transcends the current online shopping model and invests in educating the consumer to create demand that is conscious and profitable.

The function of reFIND is not only just collecting cognitive and insightful data but will also be effectively reducing the amount of returns by uniquely enhancing the mobile shopping experience with virtual access to personalized measurements and ability to pick-test-buy. This distinctive collaboration will allow for a competitive edge in the online retail experience while cultivating a progressive e-commerce community in the fashion industry.

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