redefining the fashion industry

What We do
reFIND is committed to working together as one to move toward a better future— starting with your closet.

We believe that finding balance helps create a better planet and a better you. Our app aims to cultivate inclusivity and innovation no matter where you are on your sustainability journey.

While the world shifts into a new era, our goal at reFIND is to understand the importance of community and what that means moving forward for customers and retailers alike. By creating a collective of brands that align with our values, reFIND puts the focus back on intentional shopping.

The best kind of fashion comes with intention
who we are
reFIND is a team made up of innovators, dreamers, and fashion lovers who utilize their strengths to make a difference.

Our founder’s vision was to build a group of unique voices to hold each other, the fashion industry, and the brand accountable. Together we facilitate organic collaboration between our partners to make an impact.